Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Bankruptcy & Insolvency Help in San Jose

Bankruptcy & Insolvency Taxation Team handles all compliance matters for bankruptcy clients. The team prepares individual and business tax returns for bankruptcy clients and reviews all bankruptcy filings and the disposition of assets to determine tax implications. In addition to these services, the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Taxation Group provides counsel with respect to each client's tax filings.

Members of the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Taxation Team work closely with the firm's Litigation Support professionals and offer extensive experience and in-depth understanding of all aspects of personal and commercial bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency Taxation services include:

  • Corporate reorganizations

  • Tax issues related to discharge of indebtedness

  • Accounting for bankruptcy estates

  • Use of net operating losses

  • Compliance services

  • State & local tax issues

  • IRS & state government representation

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